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About Us

The Waterloo Masquerade is a not-for-profit gala event that seeks to raise funds and awareness of the performing arts scene in the Waterloo Region.
We hope to provide a venue for people to dance, socialize and get to experience the wide range of talent the Region has to offer.
Proceeds from the event go to a different non-for-profit performing arts organization in the region each year.

Our Ball

We have taken inspiration from the Venetian Carnival and the Vienna Ball Season in order to bring you an unforgettable night.
A white tie dress code is in effect. However, since it is a masked ball, we welcome period and carnival costumes to complement the proper masks.
The Masquerade will feature a twenty-four piece orchestra to provide the dance floor with the optimal conditions for the perfect waltz, so remember to bring your dance shoes!
dancing with mask

Ball Season In Vienna

Nowhere else are ball dances more majestic than in Vienna. The city hosts over 400 balls in the winter as part of the Viennese Carnival Season. Among the most notorious are the Vienna Philharmonic Ball and State Opera Ball. This is the home and birthplace of the “king of dances”, the Viennese Waltz. Watch

The Carnival Of Venice

When the Venetian Carnival began, back in the thirteenth century, the nobles of Venice would wear masks in order to mingle with whomever they wanted without being recognized. For the people of Venice the Carnival was the time of year in which the entire city could take part in the same event regardless of status, profession or social class. Today the masks seen at the Carnival are even more ornate and the costumes more decadent than before. The people wearing them can been seen all over the city, not just at the masked balls. Watch
This idea of providing an occasion for people to dress up and interact with individuals, with whom they would otherwise not come across, is in part what inspired us to put on a Masquerade in Waterloo.
violin and mask

Social Dances


English Waltz

Viennese Waltz




The evening will feature various performances from dancers, instrumentalists, vocalists et al. 
For more information please call us. 

Date & Time

Saturday May 12, 2018
Doors open – 7:00pm
Start time – 8:00pm

Our Partners

Cheryl Ewing

Dance Waterloo

Danval Accounting

Do right and done

Light Imaging

Ross Daly

St. george

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White Tie Dress Code



  • Tailcoats
  • White Shirt
  • Marcella Waistcoat
  • White Bow Tie


  • Full Ball Gown
  • Optional Accessories

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